Adding Value for the Longterm

An Enhanced Living Experience

Creating a quality living environment is 11 Residential’s mission. Our ongoing renovations create value for residents with highly appointed design, amazing amenities and unique spaces throughout the communities. Our long-term commitment to improvements ensures that our residents enjoy a superior living experience. Our property renovations take apartment living from a 10, to an 11!


Our renovation program is designed to minimize the impact on the resident as improvements are made to their homes. This unique process allows us to renovate homes without displacing the resident, keeping the vacancy rate low as the improvements increase property value for the long term.

We partner with sub-contractors to ensure the property renovations and upgrades meet our highest standards. As a team, we are able to streamline project timelines and provide an uninterrupted quality living experience for our residents.


Experience 11 Residential Living

Our number one goal is to provide our residents with the quality living environment they deserve. During renovations we work closely with the on-site teams and residents to exceed their expectations and provide a home that they can be proud of.


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